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Czech TV Presenter Daniel Stach graduated from FIR in 2013

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fh-h-1409644552Daniel Stach has successfully embarked upon his career already during his studies at the Faculty of International Relations in Prague.

Having finished his studies at the Grammer School in České Budějovice, Stach decided to specialize in international trade. During his studies, in August 2010, Stach became a TV presenter in the program Hyde Park at the Czech TV ČT24 (Hyde Park Civilisation since August 2014). Since August 2014 he participates also as a presenter of Studio 6, morning program at Czech TV.

Stach successfully finished his Master’s studies at the FIR in 2013. In 2014 he earned the second Bachelor’s degree in Media Communications at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague.

He gained his media experiences also as a participant of the PR Academy in 2009, learning project organized annually by the Association of Public Relations Agencies together with the Faculty of International Relations in the premises of the University of Economics in Prague.

Daniel Stach has a great interest in sports, as a member of the organisational team he participated in the organisation of the World Cup 2010 and the World Championship 2013 in wild water slalom, being responsible for PR communication.

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