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CNB Bank Board Member Kamil Janáček graduated from FIR in 1965

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Škoda Roomster, výrobaKamil Janáček, member of the Bank Board at the Czech National Bank (CNB), graduated from the Faculty of Trade (former designation of the FIR) in 1965. Afterwards, he studied abroad at the Centre Européen Universitaire at the Université de Nancy in France. In 1991 he succeeded in his habilitation as an Associate Professor at the University of Economics in Prague (UEP) and, consequently, was awarded professorship at the UEP in 1997.

Janáček initiated his career as a research assistant at the Institute of Economics at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. In the early nineties he became a consultant to the governor of the Czechoslovak State Bank and, consequently, Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. From 1994 until 2010 worked as a chief economist at Komerční banka. In 2010 he was appointed as a member of the Bank Board of the Czech National Bank.

Janáček has been actively participating in the international expert debate, he has cooperated with the World Bank and OECD. He was representing Komerční banka at the Institute of International Finance (IIF), a global association of the financial industry, based in Washington, USA, where he currently represents the CNB. As far as academia is concerned, Kamil Janáček, has been currently teaching at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Prague, where he was also appointed as a member of the Scientific Board.

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