The winners of the national round of High School Business Challenge revealed!

During the weekend of April 17th and 18th, the national round of High School Business Challenge, the international business competition for students from grammar schools in central and eastern Europe, was organized by the FIR student business club called SKOK. The best 5 teams from the Czech Republic participated in the national round with their 2 case studies results that were focused on the data analysis and its real-life application. 

All teams performed well and introduced inventive problem solutions. But only one of them can participate in the international round that will take place in Warsaw in June 2021: The Czech Republic will be represented by the team ´Vygrachanci´ formed by students from the Mendel Grammar School in Opava: Jakub Hronek, Veronika Poustková, Lukáš Procházka, Michal Pavlíček and Tomáš Adamec. 

Thanks to the workshop organised by one of the judges, Ing. Lukáš Krupka, participants gained knowledge in corporate team management. Mr. Krupka is a postgraduate student and focuses mainly on the development of economic crisis in Latin America. 

Faculty of International Relations had its representatives in the jury. The FIR vice-dean and a member of the Department of International Economic Relations, doc. Ing. Pavel Hnát, Ph.D., specializes in the new and comparative regionalism and position of the European Union in the Global Economy. Doc. Ing. Přemysl Průša, Ph.D. is an associate professor in the Department of International Business, focuses on branding and retail marketing and Ing. Dominik Proch, the third member of the judging committee, is finishing his postgraduate studies about macroeconomic development of India and China. He also lectures the course of the World´s economy. 

We are delighted with the effort all participants put into the Challenge. Congratulations to the winners and fingers crossed for the international round!