The Department of Tourism Has Concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation With CzechTourism

In the summer, the Department of Tourism of FIR VŠE officially confirmed its long-term cooperation with the CzechToursim agency. The Dean of FIR Assoc. Prof. Josef Taušer and Ing. Jan Herget, Ph.D., the director of CzechTourism and also a graduate of FIR, signed a memorandum of cooperation.

The Department of Tourism and CzechTourism will, among other things, cooperate in research, share knowledge in the field of tourism and support students’ practice in this field

“I am very pleased how signing the memorandum of cooperation between the faculty and the Czech Tourist Board – CzechTourism has confirmed a long-term functional partnership,” says Ing. Liběna Jarolímková, Ph.D., the head of the Department of Tourism. “The memorandum creates a platform for mutual support of two prestigious institutions, the development of joint scientific research activities and other projects in the field of tourism. It will bring students the opportunity to participate in resolving current problems in the field within their professional work and internships, “adds the head of the department.

FIR students can thus cooperate with CzechTourism on their Bachelor’s, Master’s or dissertation theses, they can complete an internship directly at the Czech Tourist Board or take excursions to the agency.