The book by PhDr. Ing. Radka Havlová, PhD. gained the prestigious VŠE Rector’s award

The book by PhDr. Ing. Radka Havlová, PhD. and her team composed of Ing. Aneta Hlavsová, BA and Ing. Kristýna Tamchynová from Center for Asian Studies and Jan Masaryk Centre for International Studies at FIR has received VŠE Rector’s award as a prestigious publication of 2018!

The monography “Untangling the Mayhem: Crises and Prospects of the Middle East” was published by Peter Lang press in the series of book “ International Relations in Asia, Africa and the Americas ”. It follows up on the Internal grant agency VŠE IGA VŠE, No. 9/2016. “Crises in MENA and southwest Asia: democratisation, militancy and security”.

Congratulations to the authors!

The picture of the cover has been taken from the official webpages of Peter Lang press.