Kaufland company became a partner of FIR

Kaufland Czech Republic has become the new main partner of the Prague University of Economics and Business. Through the Partnership Centre, the university entered into a one-year partnership agreement with the company that established closer relations with the Faculty of International Relations.

Thanks to the new cooperation, practitioners working at Kaufland will attend courses taught at the FIR with a focus on retail and business to enrich them with their own practical experience. Some of these are scheduled for the following weeks until the end of the winter semester as part of the Retail Management course. The events are also open to students who do not have the course directly on their timetable, so they can attend without registering:

  • Supply Chain Management (Monday, November 7 at 2:30 p.m. in SB305)
    Guest: Tomáš Ševčík – Chief Operating Officer, Kaufland
  • Sustainability in retail (Monday 5 December at 14:30 in SB305)
    Guests: Renata Maierl – Head of Corporate Communications, Kaufland and Peter Chalupianský – CSR Manager, Kaufland

Other Kaufland freelancers will visit the Negotiation Skills in Management courses:

  • Managerial communication in a retail company
    Guest: Jörg Bauer – Member of the Board of Kaufland ČR
  • Negotiating terms and conditions between suppliers and the retail company
    guest: Blanka Bogel – Head of Purchasing, Kaufland

They will also be present at the Retail Business seminar:

  • Retail firm strategy, business model
    guest: Martin Piterák – Chief Operating Officer, Kaufland

The partnership will offer, in addition to the benefits to the classroom, many other opportunities for students. For example, they will be able to write their final papers on topics offered by Kaufland experts, which will address current events in the company or analyse its activities.

Kaufland supports the development of FIR students in the Alumni Mentoring Programme, which connects ambitious students with experienced graduates for 8 months. Thanks to the support, the Faculty can offer free MBTI Personality Tessyt (GPOP) and facilitate various self-development workshops to their mentors and mentees as part of the Alumni Mentoring Programme. Klára Beňačková, the company’s CFO, also joined the program as a mentor.

The company will become an active partner of the SKOK student club, which it will support according to its current capabilities and the needs of the association.

The Faculty of International Relations thanks and looks forward to mutual cooperation!

Dennis Billík, Head of the Partnership Centre, commented on the new partnership with Kaufland Czech Republic:

I am glad that thanks to the new dynamics in the area of corporate partnerships we have managed to sign a new Main Partner for VŠE, which is one of the largest retail chains in the Czech Republic. I am looking forward to working with Kaufland Czech Republic and I believe that our students will appreciate the participation of experts from the practice in the classroom, as well as the planned events organized in cooperation with our new partner company.

Kaufland company became a partner of FIR