Are you looking for an internship for the next semester? Would you like to go somewhere in the world, somewhere for exotics, for new adventures? Mexico? Singapore? Or to our neighbouring Germany? Would you like to visit Malaysia or Canada? That is not a problem for the Highered Talent Network.


Highered is a network tailored for networking and searching for (not only) job opportunities. Some could call it LinkedIn for students. You can easily create a profile where you fill in basic information about yourself and what you are studying. You can even add a profile photo. Finally, you can try short and simple tests to assess your skills in data analysis, deduction and pattern matching. Highered will then evaluate them immediately, and you will receive a brief report about your strengths and weaknesses. The next step is to look for job opportunities or browse internship offers. In the catalogue, you have several dozen or even hundreds of prestigious international companies such as AXA, Schneider Electric, UniCredit, Swiss Re and Mondeléz.

These companies usually offer vacancies for trainees, but Highered can also help you while looking for a full-time or part-time job. With Highered, it’s possible to look around the world – it just depends on how excited adventurers and travellers you are. It is also worth mentioning that your Highered account will remain valid even after your studies at the FIR VSE. And if you create an account via your personal email, it is easy to use it even after the end of your student career.

FIR students can join the Highered Talent Network exclusively and free of charge, thanks to the faculty’s membership in the EFMD organization.

What does FIR think of that?

The Faculty of International Relations is very proud of its connection with the international environment and its consistent approach to practice. In the master’s degree, the internship is a mandatory part of the study plan, and thanks to this, the Highered network can be quite useful.

The question of credits might have come to your mind right now. Will I have enough ECTS (credits) to pass the upcoming semester? We can solve this together. There are primarily three courses on FIR that can be used for internships and can be found at Highered. One of these subjects will be, after the approval of the internship and the successful completion of the selection procedure, enrolled in the semester in which you will perform the internship:

  • The “Field Internship” course is worth of 21 ECTS. It is possible to study this course if an internship in one of the companies lasts at least four months. It doesn’t matter if you do this internship in the Czech Republic or abroad.
  • The “International Internship – long-term” course is worth of 15 ECTS. As the name suggests, it must be carried out abroad for at least three months, in a non-profit organization, state institution or other state administration bodies.
  • The “International Internship – short-term” course is worth of 6 ECTS. This internship is basically very similar to the previous subject. The only difference is that it is an internship lasting between six to eight weeks and must not conflict with the semester (i.e. it takes place, for example, during the summer months).

For an internship found through Highered, you will probably use the “Field Internship” course. However, the other two options can also be useful, for example, for interships in non-profit organizations such as EF Education First.

In conclusion it is vital to say that the Highered network is accessible to all FIR students thanks to the initiative of the Faculty, which often actively participates in the internships of its students, whether, for instance, through scholarship support or other forms of support.

We wish you good luck in choosing your internship!