FIR Alumni Club held 1. Alumni Business Speed Networking

The first Alumni Business Speed Networking held by FIR Alumni Club took place on Wednesday, February 12, 2019 at the Academic club at VSE.

Business Speed Networking is an event primarily aimed at sharing professional contacts. There is no doubt that in a modern business world networking and contacts are priceless; not that important what you know but rather whom you know. Thus, participants of the event had an amazing chance to discover new opportunities, partners or trends in the field through FIR Alumni community.

The first formal part of the Speed Networking was organized in a form of speed networking when every guest had only 4 minutes at their disposal to talk to their partner. Once time was up, they were supposed to move on to the next table and thereby to the next Alumni with whom they had the same amount of time again.  It was going on until guests had met half of the invited Alumni.

In the second part participants shifted to informal networking where they had an occasion to get to know the rest of the Alumni, those whom they didn’t have a chance to meet during speed networking.

The whole evening was filled with pleasant vibes and vivid talks, and graduates were praising the event a lot.

 „During Alumni Business Speed Networking I have gotten plenty of new acquittances and also refreshed the old ones. The two aspects of the event that I loved the most were a human aspect and a professional one. I was incredibly glad to see my fellow classmates and friends from the times of studying at VSE. I also took a chance to connect with some specialists in the field“  said Honza, a graduate of European integration specialization who is now  working in  Škoda Auto. „The acquired contacts will definitely help me boost my career at the current position. I’ve even managed to arrange a couple of business meetings during the evening“ Honza added.

Anna, a graduate of International politics and diplomacy specialization, told „This was the first time I realized what studying at VSE could bring me. This is contacts. Lots of Alumni already held very prospective positions and this is given the fact that we all are in the very beginning of our careers. Everybody came here with the right motivation – to share their current professional experience, learn what others are engaged in, and also how we could help each other.

We thank all the graduates who joined this amazing event and believe that it will become a nice start of another good tradition at FIR!