FIR team won Management Consulting Challenge 2019

The finale of Management Consulting Challenge 2019 organized by EY company in cooperation with Czech glass design company LASVIT took place on Thursday, April 18. FIR team consisting of Jana Hôrková, Jakub Kalmar, and Michal Janko took the first place and therefore won the challenge.

The aim of the challenge was to choose one European market where LASVIT will launch its pilot e-shop and subsequently analyze it; the choice consisted of 8 European countries in total. Teams had to work out a strategy for a chosen country alongside with a competition strategy, marketing plan, and financial analysis. Only 9 days were given to complete the task. 46 teams in total applied for the challenge. However, only 5 best ones had a chance to present their projects in front of the jury of EY employees with Martin Fiala in the head as well as LASVIT employees, among whom FIR Alumni Michaela Listová and Managing Director for Europe Pavel Krajčík were.

The jury revealed that the team won not only thanks to its profound analysis prior to choosing a country, unconventional solution of a start-off strategy, and in general a realistic financial plan, but also thanks to brilliant outcomes of Q&A section that followed the presentation. They were the only team who actually focused on comparison of all countries and definition of the most suitable for the client market; moreover, their decision was based on real figures and statistics. Worth being told that the finale was quite balanced in the beginning as it was not possible to explicitly single out a favorite.

Besides a sweet taste of victory, the team was awarded with a check in the amount of 50.000 CZK and an internship opportunity with EY.