FIR students placed 1st and 2nd in POPAI STUDENT AWARD 2021

FIR students won POPAI STUDENT AWARD 2021!

As a part of a programme during the event called POPAI DAY 2021 results of prestigious competition POPAI AWARDS were published. The goal of the competition was to come up with the best in-store marketing campaign in the retail market. The exposition of outcomes and prize ceremony took place in November 25th 2021 in the Congress hall O2 Universum in Prague.

In the category “ORKLA In-store communication campaign project” in the competition of 16 teams from 3 universities the team of FIR students won, consisting of: Tamara Baculíková, Alexandra Čupáková, Dominika Kalmárová, Nicol Laurinová, Ema Mária Palenčárová with their in-store strategy proposal for the Simply Fresh brand with a focus on the in-store communication.

“The goal of our project was to come up with the marketing strategy for baguettes from the Simply Fresh brand in the petrol stations Benzina for the upcoming calendar year,” states International Business student Tamara Baculíková.

“In our project, we were trying to improve the communication strategy of Simply Fresh by proposing new approach to the social network website posts or various other services. We have also designed visuals of advertising materials or website,” adds Ema Mária Palenčárová, also from the International Business.

The judges were amazed most by the strategy and continuity of the proposed brand communication, creativity, and innovative solutions they introduced and by attractivity for the target group of customers.

The second place belonged also to the FIR team represented by two students: Tomáš Kříž and Adam Škarda.

Students were working on the case study as one of the tasks during the Retail Business class that is compulsory for International Business students and is taught under the Department of International Business.

The POPAI STUDENT AWARDS competition is a part of long-term successful project of cooperation of the association POPAI CE with high school and university students. This year the competition celebrated 15 years.

FIR students placed 1st and 2nd in POPAI STUDENT AWARD 2021