FIR students have won the POPAI STUDENT AWARD 2018!

The results of Popai Student Award 2018 were announced during the gala evening in Congress Center TOP HOTEL on Thursday, November 11, 2018. More than 20 teams from 6 Czech high schools and universities took part in the student category Idea of In-store communication campaign based on Plzeňský Prazdroj company’s case study.

5 teams were composed of VŠE students, the one of Eliška Čuhelová, Anna Krabcová, Veronika Müllerová, Denisa Šenkýřová a Karolína Tomanová ultimately won. The second place was taken by another VŠE team whose members were Andrea Babicová, Veronika Jarošová, Kristína Kubíková, Karolína Macková, Martina Matysová a Michaela Váňová. The two VŠE teams left behind teams from FSS UK, UTB Zlín and other universities.

The main task was to propose a solution to In-store communication campaign for beer brand Excellent. The jury presented by experts as well as by professors were evaluating the proposed ideas according to numerous criteria: a chosen strategy and its connection to existing brand communication channels; creativity and a level of innovation; application of other media types besides In-store communication. Attractivity of the proposed solutions for the target groups, their presentation, and an overall impression were taken into account during the assessment process as well.

This was the 5th time that VŠE students participated in Popai Student Award in the field of Retail Marketing and every year they (already traditionally) took the prize.

The continuing success of VŠE students in this contest can only affirm productivity and effectiveness of Retail marketing course, as the theoretical and practical knowledge gained during it are used while working on a case study of a concrete existing company. Top specialists in the fields of Customer Behavior, CRM, Sales Promotion, In-store marketing, Retail audit, and On-line communication and business collaborate with the university and give their lectures in the framework of the course. This year’s success of the VŠE students also constitutes a challenge for future students of Retail marketing course, who will be given a case study for the above-mentioned contest to work on.

POPAI STUDENT AWARD is open to all student of University of Economics in Prague who are interested in the relevant fields, eager to compete and, of course, willing to win!