FIR hosted a “Day with Languages” Conference

On Monday, June 6, 2019, the University of Economics, Prague hosted a “Day with Languages” conference with the participation of hundreds of foreign language teachers from universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The hosts were English, French and Spanish teachers from FIR VŠE. The Dean of the Faculty, doc. Ing. Josef Taušer emphasized the importance of teaching foreign languages ​​(not only) at Universities in his opening speech.

The topics of the conference were both the classical and modern methods used in teaching and testing, e.g. modern technology, evaluation of writing, translating during lessons, projects of global simulation for preparation of international certificates, the use of authentic texts from Diplomacy and International Relations, teaching grammar and more. The guests had an opportunity to try many methods in practice in the afternoon foreign language workshops that were introduced in the morning’s lectures.

Similar conferences were held last year at the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences in the Charles University in Prague and due to the initiative of the department of English language in cooperation with the department of German language and the department of Roman languages at FIR, the conference was also held at VŠEWe believe that from September, the teachers will be able to apply new knowledge from the lectures and workshops in their lessons and we are looking forward to another conference on foreign language teaching at Universities, whether at the University of Economics, Prague or a different University.