FIR Has Successfully Completed the First Year of the New Alumni Mentoring Program. How Was It? and What Is the Next One Going to Be Like?

FIR launched the first year of the Alumni mentoring program, which connects students with graduates, at the beginning of the last academic year. The program ran for 8 months and connected 59 mentors & 59 mentees.

The first year of the FIR Alumni mentoring program began in October 2019 with a Welcome meeting, where mentoring pairs met the first time. The evening was opened by the Dean of FIR Assoc. Prof. Josef Taušer, who thanked graduates and students and emphasized the importance of connecting studies with practical experience. Subsequently, mentors and mentees had a workshop about what awaits them, for mentoring. From autumn to May, the individual pairs met according to their individually agreed rules.

What Was the Program Like for Our Mentors?

The program was set up in a flexible way, so it depended on each pair how they pursued it. Most often, students and graduates focused on job opportunities and careers, including the choice of future employment, CV, interviews or corporate culture, personal development, such as dealing with people, stress and motivation, their own studies, as well as personal and family life and expertise of business, finance, marketing, diplomacy management and other fields, including the sharing of work and personal experience of the mentor.

And What Did Our Mentees Say?

During the academic year, a communication workshop was planned for mentors and the program was to officially end with a final meeting in May. However, extraordinary measures intervened in the events, so unfortunately these events did not happen. However, the mentoring pairs still completed their meetings online or in-person during the summer, for which they deserve a big thank you.

mentors & mentees were involved in the 1st year of the Alumni Mentoring program

hours of pairing based on the applications and cover ltters of students and graduate profiles

different fields from marketing, to international business and IT or finance represented by our mentors – graduates

Do You Want to Join the Second Year and Meet an Interesting Graduate With Whom You Will Move Further?

Sign up as a Mentee. The applications are open until  2. 10. 2020. More information is here.

More about the FIR Alumni Mentoring program is on the web in the section for mentees and for mentors.

The founder of the Odyssey mentoring association, which has been engaged in mentoring since 2009, has worked with the Faculty to set up the entire program. We would like to thank Odyssey very much for their cooperation, support and the time they have given us.

We are looking forward to the 2nd year!


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