FIR Alumni Club Presidency Elected for the Next Two Years! Take a Look at 3 New Board of Alumni Members.

From 10 to 20 June 2020, the second elections to the Board of Alumni, the presidency of the Faculty Alumni Club, took place.

And we now bring you results!

Based on the vote, which was open to all FIR alumni, the following members of the Board of Alumni with the largest number of votes for the given Master’s program were selected. The Board of Alumni then appoints the president of the FIR Alumni Club among its members.


Members of the Board of Alumni (2020 – 2022) are:

Economics of Globalization and European Integration – Vít Rožmberský

International Business – Milan Hašek

International and Diplomatic Studies – Nicola Lukovicsová

FIR Alumni Club is a club for all FIR alumni! It is here to connect graduates not only with each other but also with the faculty and its current students.

And how does the club work? It is chaired by the Board of Alumni headed by a President, all are FIR alumni. Each FIR Master’s program should be represented on the Board of Alumni by one member. The members then appoint a president, who becomes one of them.

The project is supported by: