Dr. Pamir Halimzai received the Josef Hlávka award

Mgr. Pamir Halimzai, Ph.D. of the Department of International Studies and Diplomacy FMV VŠE has received the Josef Hlávka award for 2021! The Josef Hlávka award is intended for talented students in bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral studies who have demonstrated exceptional skills and creative thinking in their field, and for young talented scientists of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic up to the age of 33.

Mgr. Pamir Halimzai, Ph.D. has been very actively involved in the scientific activities of the Jan Masaryk Center for International Studies since the beginning of his doctoral studies (since 2021). As a result, he achieved above-average results in publishing, especially the article “The Terror Speaks: Inside Pakistan’s Terrorism Discourse and National Action Plan” in the renowned journal Studies in Conflict & Terrorism (WoS, Q2). In addition to his scientific activities, Pamir Halimzai was involved in teaching activities, enriching in particular courses on security issues and the Asian region with his input. The personal, study and professional profile of Mgr. Pamir Halimzaje fully corresponds with the goals of the Josef, Maria and Zdeňka Hlávková Foundation.

How did you enjoy the ceremony? How does it feel to get such an award?

The ceremony was festive and well-planned. I was very happy to attend it. On November 16, we first went to Josef Hlavka’s tomb to pay homage. Then we went to Hlavka’s house where we were welcomed by our hosts. We took a group photograph next to Hlavka’s statue and then the winners of the Award from each university were grouped to take a photo there. Afterwards, we entered the building where we registered  and the ceremony began after an hour. After ceremony, we also enjoyed a short concert.

I was the only student to receive the Award for my research work in International Relations. I am honoured to receive the prestigious Award. I am grateful to the Department of International and Diplomatic Studies at VŠE for nominating my Ph.D. dissertation for the Award.

What are the main topics of your research career/Ph.D. studies?

My Ph.D. thesis titled, Post-2001 Afghanistan: a Critical Analysis of the US WoT and State-building Discourse(s)”, offers a thorough and critical account of Afghanistan, and the US-led War on Terror (WoT) and the (re)building of the central and southwestern Asian state. The dissertation constructs a historical context, critically assesses the formation and dominance of the US discourses on WoT and state-building in and attempts to see how these discourses, instead of liberating and democratizing Afghanistan, led to the wider depoliticization of the society and paved the way for the illiberal, oppressive politics of confinement and necropolitics.

It is the first dissertation which holistically and critically examines the US discourse on WoT and state-building in post-2001 Afghanistan and reinterprets its formation, dominance, and far-reaching consequences – not just for the country but beyond.

How do you like your Ph.D. studies at VŠE and what are your future plans?

 I was very happy to study and do my research at VŠE. The Ph.D. studies program was no doubt extremely challenging, but I learned a lot. All of my teachers and colleagues at the Department of International and Diplomatic Studies were greatly helpful. Starting from my supervisor Prof. Dr. Jan Eichler to Prof. Dr. Štěpánka Zemanová, Prof. Dr. Radka Druláková, and Prof. Dr. Jeremy Garlick, everyone at the department guided me, usually pushed me to work harder and helped me during testing times.

Upon the recommendation of the Commission during my final defence, I intend to publish my thesis as a book. I have already submitted the proposal to Routledge which has been sent for peer review in October, 2021. I am currently working on the manuscript and serving as a member of the Jan Masaryk Centre for International Studies at the Department of International and Diplomatic Studies. I intend to transition towards academic life and want to teach International Relations and do research in universities.

Dr. Pamir Halimzai received the Josef Hlávka award