Department of German FIR successfully hosted 2nd International Linguistic Conference

The second international conference„Fachsprache Wirtschaft – linguistische und didaktische Aspekte“ (Professional economy language – linguistical and didactical aspects)organized by Department of German of Faculty of International Relations was held on January 24, 2019 in VSE premises. A welcome word form Head of Department PhDr. Jaroslav Březin, Ph.D was followed by an official opening speech by Vice-Dean of FIR Ing. Radek Čajka, Ph.D..

The conference agenda was presented in speeches on particular specific topics and concrete problematic aspects of research in professional language. The participants of the conference had a chance to listen to and then to debate on reports about theoretical aspects of research as well as more practice-oriented issues in teaching professional language.

An international character of the conference was ensured thanks to presence of professors from Wroclaw, Lodz, Kielce, and University of Economics in Bratislava. Among the lecturers there were also guests from University of West Bohemia, Palacký University Olomouc, School of Pedagogics in Pardubice, and 4 members of Department of German.

Praise and positive feedbacks not only in relation to a high level of the delivered speeches, but also the conference services as well as representative and comfortable facilities of Raiska building became a huge reward for the organizers.

Was this linguistic session a start for a future long-term tradition at FIR? The first two successfully held events can serve a clear proof, especially given good reputation of Czech German studies in the field of applied language research not only  in the homeland but also abroad (suffice it to mention Paris linguistic circle and such names as Havránek, Trnka or, later, Beneš).

This is an honor but also a challenge for Department of German to contribute to this good tradition in the form of regular linguistic oriented meetings of such kind!