Board of Alumni at FIR elected for the next two years! Check out the new members!

From July 18 to August 14, 2022, the third election for the Board of Alumni, the presidency of the Faculty Alumni Club, took place.

And now we are bringing you the results!

The members of the Board of Alumni (2022 – 2024) from IB and IDS are:

Check the members from the Czech programs here.

Club President (absolute highest number of votes): Michaela Lhotková


Tourism: Marek Kroutil

European Integration: Jan Krejčí

International Trade: Jindřich Henzl

International Business: Jitka Němečková (instead of a member for the Business and Law program, which did not have a candidate – the candidate with the second highest number of votes among the other candidates becomes a board member according to the bylaws)

International Studies and Diplomacy: Lucie Dostálová

International Business (EN): Zdeněk Pokorný

International and Diplomatic Studies (EN): Nicola Lukovicsová

Total number of votes: 518

The FMV Alumni Club connects alumni in mutually beneficial partnerships, creating meaningful connections that lead to personal growth as well as strengthening the community of the Faculty of International Relations. Our alumni are not only ambassadors of their Alma Mater, but are also an important source of knowledge, experience and valuable contacts.

The mission of the FMV Alumni Club is to:

  • To create and maintain connections between current and future alumni,
  • to promote alumni interaction with the entire faculty,
  • to provide valuable contacts for career development,
  • to provide alumni with opportunities for lifelong learning,
  • to share the achievements of its alumni.

We hope you find what you are looking for with us – old friends, new team members, knowledge and information, or just plain fun.

More information about the club and the statutes can be found here.

Board of Alumni at FIR elected for the next two years! Check out the new members!