Assoc. Prof. Pavel Hnát was in Daniel Stach’s special “Earth in Need” on Czech TV

“The world economy is heading for the deepest recession” or “The highest state budget deficit in the history of the Czech Republic” – these are just some of the headlines illustrating the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was on the ČT24 program Earth in Need that Daniel Stach (alumni of FIR) and his guests paid special attention to them in a special broadcast. One of them was assoc. prof. Pavel Hnát, Vice-Dean for Pedagogical Activities of FIR and a member of the Department of World Economy.

Everything we consume here, we buy, everything we believe in is part of the globalized market,” introduced in the show assoc. prof. Hnát. Then he described to the audience the development of the world economy and the world’s biggest crisis in the last 20 years. “There are indicators that the world economy has slowed down, but measures against coronavirus have accelerated significantly,” continued the Vice-Dean Pavel Hnát, emphasizing the importance of addressing structural reforms, which are much more difficult for the government than monetary or fiscal.

Other guests of the show were:

  • an economist Jana Matesová
  • a technology businessman Jerry Javornický
  • a director of the organization People in Need Šimon Pánek
  • a cyberneticist Michal Pěchouček
  • a computer game designer Daniel Vávra