A FIR student Natálie Češková performed in an NGO Market 2021 debate

On Tuesday the 20th of April, a student of the International and Diplomatic Studies Bc. Natálie Češková took part in a debate of the “A week for non-profit sector” event organised by the Forum 2000 Foundation. 

Natálie presented main conclusions of her bachelor thesis to the representatives of the People in Need organisation, Open Society Fond Prague, Czech Forum for Development Cooperation and Endowment Fund Against Corruption during a debate called “How to enforce the good? Effective lobbying in non-profit sector”. The focus of the thesis laid on the Czech non-profit sector’s access to the European NGO confederation of humanitarian aid and development. The bachelor thesis was led by Mgr. Miloslav Machoň, Ph.D. and its second reader was Ing. Petr Vymětal, Ph.D., both from Department of International and Diplomatic Studies. 

During her studies at FIR, Natálie also took part in an AIESEC development project in India and did a half-year internship in EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.  

The Forum 2000 Foundation pursues the legacy of Václav Havel by supporting the values of democracy and respect for human rights, assisting the development of civil society, and encouraging religious, cultural and ethnic tolerance. It provides a platform for global leaders, as well as thinkers and courageous individuals from every field of endeavour, to openly debate and share these critical issues.