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31.5.2018 - Ramaton benefit run



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Canada and EU: Ever Closer Partners? 06.10.2017
FIR Annual Conference The Sharing Economy: Reality and Future 26.09.2017
New semestral photo contest - Life on FIR 26.09.2017
The workshop about social supermarkets at WU Wien 21.09.2017
The offer of optional subjects in English of Department of politology for winter semester 2017/18 14.09.2017
Delegation from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences on FIR 02.09.2017
To the docent Judita Štouračová 02.09.2017
New summer photocontest - FIR discovers 01.09.2017
MIB EPAS Consortium to Deepen its Cooperation 24.08.2017
European Horizons on FIR: a new student think-tank 06.07.2017
VŠE students achieved the student prize "Young Dolphin 2016" 19.06.2017
Double degree programs between International Trade FIR VŠE and International Management IAE Lyon 3 12.06.2017
A wide range of courses taught by visiting professors in the winter semester 2017/2018 08.06.2017
FIR became a partner of the 5th year of the "Ramaton" benefit race. Come and run! 30.05.2017
The invitation to the interantional conference "Fachsprache Wirtschaftsdeutsch - linguistische und didaktische Aspekte" 17.05.2017
International Scientific Conference FORUM HERACLES - May 18, 2017 - May 19, 2017 at VŠE 17.05.2017
17th International Joint Conference: Central and Eastern Europe in the Changing Business Environment 15.05.2017
Participation of the students of the FIR in Central and Eastern European Moot Court Competition in Sofia 12.05.2017
Lecture of professor Nancy Boswell on anti-corruption measures in the USA 19.04.2017
Lecture of specialist from John Marshall Law School in Chicago on intellectual property rights 23.03.2017
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