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31.5.2018 - Ramaton benefit run



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Students from the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) dominated again in the competition POPAI STUDENTS AWARDS 2017. 09.01.2018
Possibility of a scholarship from the International Visegrad Fund 09.01.2018
Call for Papers at Conference EISA, September 2018 09.01.2018
A wide range of courses taught by visiting professors in the summer semester 2017/2018 09.01.2018
Highered - a unique offer of career opportunities for students of FIR 01.12.2017
On FIR took place lectures about social supermarkets and waste of food 28.11.2017
The Center for European Studies participated in the preparation of the Roundtable of the National Convention on the EU about the Future of the Eurozone and the Czech Republic 28.11.2017
To dr. Otakar Volenec 28.11.2017
Workshop – Career opportunities in the institutions of EU 28.11.2017
28th October 2017: The Third China-CEE Economic Forum in Chinese Jinan 28.11.2017
Workshop LEE: Invitation to experimental research 28.11.2017
Competition P&G: CEO Challenge 13.11.2017
14. 11. 2017: Discussion under the Prague Writers` Festival 13.11.2017
24.11.2017: Seminar on Current and Future Challenges on the Korean Peninsula 08.11.2017
15. 11. 2017: Conference „Palestine: 100 Years From Balfour Declaration“ 30.10.2017
Social protests in Russia: what journalists think about them? 23.10.2017
Kazuo Ishiguro was awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature 23.10.2017
Prof. Hana Machková elected Rector of VŠE for the second time 16.10.2017
Job Fair ŠANCE (Chance) 06.10.2017
Competitiveness of the Czech Republic 2018: Analysis of results 06.10.2017
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