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Faculty Life

Certificate of Association of Communication Agencies

Master's programme students at the VŠE can apply to minor in Commercial Communication, whose instruction is in intensive block-form for 25 students. The students can complete all nine subjects of the specialization in a single semester. The profiling subjects are: the Commercial Communication, the Media Strategy, the Consumer Behaviour and the Brand Management. Lectures are given by renowned experts from practice: managers of professional associations, publicity and media agents and senior executives from the marketing departments of important corporations (Johnson and Johnson, Škoda VW group, etc). Part of the instruction and presentation of the case studies are carried out on the premises of the agencies themselves (e.g., McCann-Erickson, EURO RSCG, Factum Invenio). The best students receive the Certificate of the Association of Communication Agencies (AKA), which will pave the way for their practice in commercial communication.

Academy of Public Relations

Since 2001 the Department of Business and Business Communications is providing instruction in the form of an extra-semestral course on the Public Relations as the Academy of Public Relations. Apart from an intensive grounding in the theory of Public Relations given at the VŠE, students receive one month's work experience at a Public Relations Agency, where they work on a case study. They then receive the Certificate of the Association of Public Relations Agencies.

The European Studies Certificate

The European Studies Certificate is a specialised CES programme administered by the departments of the Faculty of International Relations and experts from the countries of the EU. The aim is to broaden the knowledge of students minoring the European Economic Integration by drawing their attention to non-economic aspects of the European integration, i.e., to common foreign and economic policies, cooperation in the judicial and internal affairs fields, law and other topical issues of that process. To receive the Certificate the student must obtain thirty credits for the courses in the continuing Master's programme and submit an essay, apart from the course obligatory dissertation and the regular course essays. Students receive the Certificate along with their Degree at the graduation ceremony. Recipients of that Certificate are employed, e.g., in the organs of the EU, the Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic to the European Commission, and in the President's office.

Excursion Seminars in Germany

Within the framework of its contacts with a German foundation, the Department of World Economics organizes annual study stays for Master's students in Wolfsburg. An entrepreneurial competition in which Czech students compete with their German counterparts is an integral part of the programme. Other activities include debates at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Wolfsburg Town Hall and excursions to manufacturing plants (e.g., Volkswagen, Airbus).

Conference of Young Scholars

Every year the doctoral candidates of the Faculty of International Relations, in cooperation with the Centre for European Studies, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Czech United Nations Association, organize and host the Conference of Young Scholars on the current questions related to the international, political and economic situation. The first of these conferences was held in 1997. The conference is always actively attended by experts from countries of the Central and Eastern Europe, as well as of other continents. English is the official language. Contributions of participants are published in the Proceedings of the Conference.

Summer Schools

The Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics (the Department of Political Sciences in cooperation with Jan Masaryk Centre for International Studies) regularly organizes thematic Summer Schools. The Faculty won the greatest popularity thanks to the 5th Summer School organized for Denver University (the Faculty of International Relations). The students from the Master's as well as doctoral programmes mostly from the United States and other countries of the American continent attend lectures and visit selected institutions and enterprises in the Czech Republic.

In cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration of the University of Economics and the Department of Development of the Institute of International Relations, the Department of International Economics of the Faculty of International Relations, organizes EADI (the European Association of the Institution of Development and Education) international Summer School. Participants attend lectures and take an active part in discussions. They themselves achieve the objective of the Summer School, i.e., by solving case studies.