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A wide range of courses taught by visiting professors in the winter semester 2016/2017

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For the winter semester 2016/2017, the Faculty of International Relations offers a wide range of bachelor´s as well as master´s courses taught by visiting professors.

The courses can be registered within the regular registrations till August 30th, 2016.

Regarding the exact time and room, please always refer to the note in syllabi of relevant courses.

For the winter semester 2016/2017, you can choose from the following courses taught by visiting professors:

Bachelor´s courses
Code Course title Dates Professor
2MO343 China's Foreign Trade and Investment Development 26.9.-29.9. B.Hongyi
2MO326 Diplomatic Protocol - in French 3.10.-5.10. B. Chatard
2OP332 Business Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid 3.10.-5.10. I. Wanasika
2MO316 International Strategic Management - The competitive Advantages of Nations 10.10.-13.10. L. Limbrick
2MO332 Business in Russia - in English 12.10.-14.10. J. Dumetz
2MO332 Business in Russia - in English 19.10.-21.10. J. Dumetz
2MO321 Management interculturel- en francais 31.10.-2.11. Y. Livian
2OP331 Organization Theory and Design 1.11.-3.11. A. Harraf
2PL340 Media in the Process of Modern Political Transformation: the Case of Russia 7.11.-11.11. D. Strovsky
2MO342 China and Taiwan's Foreign Economic Relations 14.11.-16.11. T. Liou
2OP324 Specifics of Asian Management Style - in English 14.11.-16.11. J. Wang
Master´s courses
Code Course title Dates Professor
2MO426 Open Economy Macroeconomics - in English 4.10.-6.10. J. Villaverde Castro
2MO445 Product management 19.10.-21.10. H. Kotzegger
2OP465 White-Collar Crime - in English 24.10.-26.10. K. Turner
2MO427 Global marketing - future trends 24.10.-27.10. F. Morano
2MO431 Language and Diplomacy 8.11.-10.11. B. Scott
2MO439 Global Finance 21.11.-23.11. J. French
2MO434 International Brand Communication Strategy 21.11.-23.11. M. Bahles
2SM425 Contemporary International Negotiation Practice 28.11.-2.12. I. Manton
2PR415 Real Estate Finance and Law 30.11.-2.12. K. Šmerák
2MO434 International Brand Communication Strategy 5.12.-7.12. M. Bahles
2MO437 Strategic Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions in International Business 7.12.-9.12. H. van der Meulen