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A wide range of courses taught by visiting professors in the summer semester 2015/2016

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banner-2KJ-1024x362For the summer semester 2015/2016, the Faculty of International Relations offers a wide range of bachelor´s as well as master´s courses taught by visiting professors.

The courses can be registered within the regular registrations from 4 January to 26 January 2016. Regarding the exact time and room, please always refer to the note in syllabi of relevant courses.

For the summer semester 2015/2016, you can choose from the following courses taught by visiting professors:

Bachelor´s courses
Code Course title Dates Professor
2OP322 Business Cultures of the Latin American Nations - in English 22.2.-24.2.2016 A. Cabello
2MO332 Business in Russia - in English 16.3.-18.3.2016 J.Dumetz
2SE324 Understanding the International Economic Order - in English 21.3.-25.3.2016 G. Kutasi
2SE309 Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship for Economic Development 11.4.-15.4.2016 M. Muchie
2MO338 Branding and (Re)Positioning in International Marketing 18.4.-20.4.2016 A. Zablocki
2MO339 Essentials of Marketing Research 18.4.-22.4.2016 J.Wetwood
2MO336 International Negotiation Strategies: Techniques and Simulations 25.4.-27.4.2016 I. Descubes
2OP326 Strategic Management and Business Model Innovation - in English 25.4.-28.4.2016 M.Csath
2MO340 Marketing and Management in China 2.5.-4.5.2016 G. Kan
2MO326 Diplomatic Protokol - in French 2.5.-5.5.2016 B. Chatard
Master´s courses
Code Course title Dates Professor
2SM431 Language and Diplomacy 23.2.-25.2.2016 B. Scott
IP_354 Protection of Intellectual Property (Innovations) 29.2.-2.3.2016 A. Cabello
2SM634 Iran in the International System: Past and Present 29.2.-4.3.2016 C. Castiglioni
2MO434 International Brand Communication Strategy 16.3.-18.3.2016 M. Bahles
2MO434 International Brand Communication Strategy 30.3.-1.4.2016 M. Bahles
2MO444 China's Financial System 29.3.-31.3.2016 M. Zheng
2MO424 Corporate Governance - in English 4.4.-6.4.2016 C. Girard
2SM640 Contested Boundaries in the Middle East and North Africa 4.4.-8.4.2016 C. Steuer
2SM425 Contemporary International Negotiation Practice 19.4.-21.4.2016 I. Manton