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FIR Students attended Summer Camp “Discover SWUFE 2014“ in Chengdu, China

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Two students from the Faculty of International Relations, Kamila Trojanová and Filip Smola, were selected to take part in the Summer Camp “Discover SWUFE 2014” in Chengdu, China.

3The Summer Camp was held between 29th June and 12th July 2014 at the South Western University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE), with the aim to give international students an opportunity to discover the SWUFE University, the city of Chengdu, the Sichuan province as well as China as a whole.

The two-week program consisted of expert lectures, culture events as well as visits to sightseeing sites. There were 83 participants invited from SWUFE partner universities from all over the world.

The expert lectures focused on diverse aspects of Chinese economy, doing business in China and Chinese culture. DSC_1504

Prof. Zhiyin Renee Dong from University of Delaware devoted her lecture to the issue of 关系 (guangxi).

Prof. Wenbin Zang (School of Public Administration, SWUFE) discussed the economic aspects of Chinese health care reform.

Prof. Jianming Ye (Overseas Dean of School of Accounting at SWUFE) involved his personal experience while comparing teaching accounting in the Chinese and in the American educational systems.

David C. Broadstock, Ph.D., whose research focus covers energy consumption efficiency and protection of environment, presented his economic models on comparison of energy consumption efficiency in the Chinese countryside as oppose to Chinese cities.

Prof. Nigel Healey from the Nottingham Trent University explained global consequences of the crises in the Eurozone.

The program of the Summer School covered also excursions, for example to the Chengdu branch of the Australia New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) or to the exhibition of the Chengdu’s urbanism plan.10527601_10202570482328632_7708471021934372114_n

As a part of the cultural programme, the participants were invited to attend performance of Sichuan opera, demonstration of traditional martial arts and concert of traditional Chinese music. Additionally, they learned how to prepare Sichuan culinary delights, practiced Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese paper-cuttings or tying Chinese knots.

taichiFurthermore, the organizers, together with two dozens of volunteers who were selected among SWUFE students, prepared visits to sightseeing attractions in and around Chengdu - Dujiangyan irrigation system, the Du Fu Thatched Cottage (both included in the UNESCO list), to archeological museum Jinsha, historical streets Wide and Narrow Alley and Jing Alley or to the shopping street Chunxi Road.

Photo Credit: SWUFE, 2014.