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FIR students are successful also when studying abroad – Pavel Dostal (UQ Advantage Award)

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Pavel Dostal, student of the Faculty of International Relations majoring in International Relations and Diplomacy, was nominated by the University of Economics to study at the University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane for one semester.

Afterwards, he was selected by the UQ itself to take part in a prestigious certified program UQ Advantage Award.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA"In spring 2014, I successfully tendered for an exchange semester at the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, in my second Master’s year. UQ is consistently ranked among the world’s Top 100 universities and in 2014 it earned an excellent 43rd place by QS World University Rankings. It is recognized as one of the leading universities in the Asia-Pacific region with high repute in global research ranging from microbiology to physics to sustainable development of mineral reserves.

UQ provides its students with an excellent background concerning extracurricular educational activities and one of them is the UQ Advantage Award. This certified program aims to produce highly sought-after graduates with well-rounded skills and abilities that will help them become leaders in their fields and make a positive impact on society. Apart from full-degree UQ students, several international exchange students are also chosen to participate in the program and I am happy to be among the few privileged ones.  The program consists of a series of symposia addressing topics such as Presentation skills, Conflict resolution, Career in research, Personal brand-building or Being a leader without the formal title, and although these may seem to be topics of a good many presentations and workshops nowadays, UQ goes a long way to provide its students with the most value-added.

Presenters as well as participants come from UQ academia, graduates, visiting research staff and practitioners – all of them having a story to share with students eager to go the extra mile and aim higher. There is an excellent atmosphere at the symposia and presenters themselves are best examples of what they speak about. A symposium about presentation skills outright invites to stand in front of the auditorium and try to catch attention of the audience, just like the presenter did. A symposium about research careers introduces leading world scientists and their exciting career paths and provides unique opportunities to ask any question about what the life of pushing boundaries of science feels like.uq-advantage-award

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of UQ Advantage because it introduces me to a company of like-minded students, those who actively pursue their success and happiness. Symposia provide concentrated information which could be immediately applied in academic, professional or personal life and the presenters are qualified and open-minded people with whom it is pleasure to have an informal chat after the presentation. UQ Advantage is something that should be of interest to any active student at the University of Queensland, be it to supplement the academic knowledge with practical applications or simply because the experiences from the program will go far beyond average university studies. Just like enrolment to UQ has opened me the door to UQ Advantage, I am certain that my participation in UQ Advantage will pave the way for more future opportunities, whatever they may be."

Pavel Dostal, FIR student, International Politics and Diplomacy