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FIR student Zdenek Stepanek became EU Careers Ambassador

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IMG_1172Zdenek Stepanek, the second-year master student of the programme International Politics and Diplomacy has become the EU Careers Ambassador at the University of Economics in Prague for the academic year 2014/2015. The EU Careers Ambassadors Programme is administered by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO). Its main goal is to raise awareness about the career possibilities in the EU among university students. The EPSO is responsible for selecting staff on behalf of all the European Institutions and Agencies, including the European Commission, Parliament and Council.

The Ambassadors are chosen based on a two-round competitive 10521197_595899207202367_5631265770908802242_oselection procedure, which includes a written part and a video interview. Successful candidates are invited to participate a three-day training session in Brussels, where they are prepared for their mission by the employees of EPSO.

As a highly-regarded employer of top graduates, the EU is looking for brand ambassadors at the best universities in Europe. Part of an established and successful initiative, the EU Careers Ambassadors scheme involves finding innovative ways of promoting the great opportunities the EU has to offer, including through: attending careers fairs, or giving presentations to fellow students, developing university networks and providing information, maintaining an active online and social media presence, answering questions and queries about EU Careers.

  • Zdenek's presentation of EU Careers and Internship Opportunities will take place on Thursday November 13th at 12:45PM in SB240.
  • You can also follow Facebook: EU Careers Czech Republic.

Source and Photo Credit: Zdenek Stepanek.