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FIR Student Succeeded in Simulations of WTO Negotiations in St. Gallen

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David Polach, majoring in International Trade at the Faculty of International Relations, succeeded in simulations of the WTO trade negotiations organised in Geneva by student organisation Oikos. Together with his colleagues, David was reprsenting China and their delegation was selected as the most successful delegation of the model.

More information on the WTO model is available here:

10155028_10153956397705567_7222575237133952665_n"During the summer semester in the year 2014 I had an opportunity to take part in the one week long real trade simulation of the WTO negotiations. The simulation was coordinated by the international student organisation Oikos in cooperation with the World Trade Organisation and the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. I learnt about the event via the Development and Advice Centre.

Candidates passed through multiple-stage selection process based on the academic results as well as a three-page long essay on the topic “Global Value Chain“. The essays were judged by principal professors of the University of St. Gallen. At the end the number of candidates has been decided as 60. Due to the knowledge I have acquired in the field of the international trade I was announced a participant of the model and was assigned as a representative of the delegation of China.

Delegation of China consisted of students from USA, China, Taiwan and me. Prior the start of the actual negotiations, we worked through our position and strategy via which we planned to achieve our goals. Main difficulty in communication that we faced was due to time difference.  

Upon the arrival to St. Gallen and meeting each other in person, 2014-04-06-083326-DSCF5234-bignegotiations started throughout all five committees lasting entire days. Students from all over the world, from Canada, South Africa to China, specialising in international relations and international law were very determined and ready to start negotiating process. I personally represented China’s position in terms of the GATT committee. Given the fact the negotiations took place throughout the day, the major preparation was done during the night time. It was challenging to coordinate the work of the delegation throughout all committees. 

After 5 days of negotiations we moved to Geneva where we had an opportunity to evaluate our procedures, objectives and resources with national representatives. Chinese mission in Geneva gave us a warm welcome and we had an opportunity to compare our bargaining powers with those reflecting the actual situation of the country. Chinese diplomats evaluated our scope of work positively and appreciated the way we managed to direct the negotiating process.

10306167_789977321013337_1520845453113326450_nResults of the final evaluation as well as official voting took place in the headquarters of the WTO. With regards to the objectives and strategies, the delegation of China was announced to be the most successful one, i.e. our delegation. It was an awesome feeling realising I was able to apply the knowledge obtained at our university in practice, and together with my colleagues to surpass outstanding students from all around the world."

Student of University of Economics in Prague, Bc. David Polach, xpold13